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Module 1 Getting Started with Online Advertising and Fundamentals of Amazon PPC

  • The Significance of Online Advertising and its Relevance for Amazon Sellers
  • Various Approaches to Online Advertising
  • Understanding Sales Funnels and Their Relevance to Amazon PPC
  • Introduction to Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and Its Advantages
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in PPC Campaigns

Module 2 Evaluating Product Listings for Retail Readiness

  • The Significance of Well-Optimized Product Listings
  • Crafting Listings That Appeal to Amazon and Buyers
  • Utilizing Comparison Sheets to Enhance Conversion Rates

Module 3 Optimizing Listings to Maximize PPC Performance

  • Identifying High-Converting Keywords for Listings and PPC Campaigns
  • Strategies for Immediate Keyword Indexing through Keyword Placement
  • Maximizing the Effective Use of Backend Search Terms
  • Crafting Captivating Product Titles
  • Creating Informative Bullet Points to Showcase Product Features and Benefits
  • Crafting Persuasive Product Descriptions Highlighting Unique Selling Points
  • Enhancing Product Images to Boost Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Module 4 Strategic PPC Budgeting and Sales Projection

  • Leveraging Amazon’s Historical Data for Anticipating Future Sales and Revenue
  • Sales Forecasting at the Keyword Level
  • Thoughtful Planning of PPC Budgets
  • Establishing Clear Campaign Objectives and Allocating Budgets Accordingly
  • Making Informed Budget-Centric Choices
  • Predicting the Influence of PPC Campaigns on Overall Sales
  • Crafting Practical PPC Budgets Aligned with Product Margins and Business Objectives

Module 5 Crafting Effective Campaign Structures and Targeting Approaches

  • Navigating Sponsored Product, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brands Campaigns
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research Utilizing Amazon and External Tools
  • Identifying High-Purchase Intent Keywords and Long-Tail Variations
  • Grasping the Significance of Keyword Match Types and Their Influence on Ad Targeting
  • Enhancing Campaign Performance through the Application of Negative Keywords
  • Gaining Proficiency in Campaign Types, Ad Groups, and Keyword Management
  • Establishing Campaign Objectives and Monitoring Key Performance Indicators
  • Designing a Strategic Campaign Structure for Peak Performance

Module 6 Proficient Data Analysis and Reporting in PPC

  • Exploring Diverse Types of PPC Reports Accessible on Amazon
  • Extracting Insights from Campaign Performance Reports to Detect Trends and Patterns
  • Harnessing Data for Well-Informed Optimization Choices
  • Developing Comprehensive Reports on PPC Performance
  • Implementing Advanced Bidding Tactics for Competitive Markets or Products

Module 7 Assessing Campaign Effectiveness through Amazon Advertising Reports

  • Fine-Tuning Bids and Introducing Negative Keywords through Keyword Performance Analysis
  • Identifying Valuable and Converting Search Terms via Search Term Report Evaluation
  • Optimizing Placement Performance by Adjusting Bids and Eliminating Underperforming Placements
  • Allocating Budget to High-Performing Search Terms Based on Performance Evaluation
  • Enhancing Campaigns, Keywords, and Ads Informed by Gained Insights
  • Crafting a Comprehensive Audit Report at the Campaign and Keyword Levels for Optimization
  • Implementing Day Parting Strategies

Module 8Conducting a PPC Audit and Growth with the Search Query Performance Report

  • Scrutinizing the Leading Search Queries within the Industry
  • Examining the Entire Sales Funnel for the Brand or Product
  • Recognizing Prospects for Keyword Expansion and Incorporating New Keywords
  • Recognizing Prospects for Keyword Expansion and Incorporating New Keywords
  • Enhancing the Keyword Strategy in Line with High-Converting Search Queries
  • Fine-Tuning Sales Copy to Match High-Performing Search Queries
  • Advancing Bidding Strategies and Discovering Scalability Prospects
  • Modifying Bids for High-Performing Search Queries to Augment Exposure

Module 9 Monitoring PPC Performance Through Tailored Excel Spreadsheets

  • Designing Personalized Excel Sheets for Precise PPC Tracking
  • Tracing Vital Metrics such as Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, and ACoS
  • Delving into Performance Patterns and Spotting Optimization Prospects
  • Leveraging Pivot Tables and Data Visualization Methods for In-Depth Understanding
  • Employing Dayparting and Ad Scheduling Tactics for Peak Performance

Module 10 Streamlining Campaign Management with Bulk Sheet Operations

  • Harnessing Amazon’s Bulk Operations Feature for Efficient Campaign Control
  • Effecting Mass Modifications to Keywords, Bids, and Budgets
  • Exploiting Bulk Sheets for Campaign Establishment and Enhancement
  • Adhering to Best Practices for Error Detection and Data Integrity Maintenance

Module 11 Gaining Insights through Financial Data Reports in PPC

  • Grasping the Financial Components of PPC Campaigns
  • Delving into Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), and Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)
  • Computing the Breakeven Point and Assessing Profitability Metrics
  • Constructing Financial Data Insight Reports to Monitor Profitability at Campaign and Account Levels

Module 12 Exploring Amazon Attribution and Its Advantages

  • Generating Amazon Attribution Links for External Traffic Integration
  • Monitoring and Analyzing Attribution Metrics
  • Assessing the Performance of External Traffic Campaigns
  • Implementing Advanced Strategies and Adhering to Best Practices for External Traffic Campaigns


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