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Amazon FBA Wholesale


Module 1 Skills for Effective Communication

  • Strategies for Streamlined Client Communication
  • Crafting a Compelling Freelancer Profile on Online Platforms
  • Participating in Local and Global Forums and Groups

Module 2 Skills for Effective Presentations and Ethical Conduct

  • Effectively Representing Yourself in Client Meetings
  • Creating a Polished Professional Presentation
  • Appropriate Body Language During Presentations
  • Fine-Tuning Presentation Tone for Impact
  • Upholding Ethical Standards as a Freelancer
  • Key Considerations for Ethical Freelancing – Top 10 Factors

Module 3 An Overview of Amazon

  • Creating an Amazon Account
  • Understanding the Basics of Amazon Wholesale FBA
  • Overview of Amazon’s Business Models
  • Necessary Mindset for Success
  • Exploring Seller Account Documentation and Registration
  • Registering a Company in the US or UK and Navigating Taxation
  • Delving into Website and Taxation Matters

Module 4 Fundamental Aspects of Amazon

  • Foundational Amazon Concepts
  • Understanding Gated and Ungated Product Categories
  • Introduction to Essential Tools
  • Significance of Effective Communication with Suppliers

Module 5 An Overview of Tools

  • Applying Tools in Real-World Scenarios
  • Creating Databases with Excel
  • Brand and Supplier Research
  • Gathering Data on Brands and Suppliers

Module 6 Methods for Analyzing Products

  • Reverse Product Sourcing
  • Discovering Suppliers Through Directories and Google
  • Robust Distributor Research Approach
  • Leveraging AI and Chat GPT for Product and Supplier Discovery
  • Utilizing Google Maps for Supplier Search
  • Establishing Supplier Accounts
  • Communicating with Suppliers via Email

Module 7 Advanced Approaches to Product Discovery

  • Dentifying Products at Trade Shows
  • Utilizing Scanning Techniques for Product Discovery
  • Key Aspects of Product Analysis
  • In-Depth Examination of Keepa Graphical Data
  • Introduction and Exploration of Advanced Product Hunting Tools

Module 8 Product Sourcing

  • Real-Time Order Placement via Excel
  • Negotiating Additional Discounts with Suppliers
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Engaging Through Emails and Phone Calls
  • Establishing Brand Awareness
  • Introduction to Brand Exclusivity Methods

Module 9 Amazon Shipments FBA/FBM

  • Initiating Your Initial Order with a Supplier
  • Crafting FBA Shipments (Small / LTL Pallets)
  • Applying Barcode and FNSKU Labels
  • Handling Shipping Labels
  • Managing Large Orders and Price Negotiations
  • Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) Order Processing

Module 10 Amazon Interface and Prodit Calculation Tools

  • Amazon Complete Interface
  • Amazon FBA Profit Calculation
  • Introduction To Seller Central
  • Creating And Managing FBA Shipments
  • Generating FNSKU And Shipping Labels
  • Adding Offers
  • Auto Pricing And Competition
  • Inventory Planning & Stock Management IPI
  • Child Account
  • Seller Board Profit Tool
  • Hazmat Selling

Module 11 Brand Approvals

  • Linked In Profile
  • Brand Research Report
  • Zoom Meetings With Company Decision Makers
  • Advanced Brand Exclusivity Techniques