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ERAFLIP TECH is a group of accomplished, visionary and impressive individuals, who have come together with the passion to serve organizations and make them stand out. We are focusing on the growth of our customer. Our center is to deliver you the most incredible solution to your problem and entertain you worldwide. 


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Amazon Private Label


Module 1 Introduction to Opening Account

  • Introduction to Opening Account
  • Assessing Amazon’s Opportunities and Business Models
  • Selecting the Optimal Amazon Marketplace for Your Business in the Eraflip Boot Camp
  • Creating an Amazon Account in the UK, Europe, and the USA
  • Preparing and Activating Your Amazon Seller Central Account

Module 2 Discovering the Ideal Product

  • Outperforming Your Competitors Through Brand Building – The Crucial Role of Establishing a Strong Brand for Long-term Success
  • The 7 Key Elements of a Highly Profitable Product Opportunity – Essential Criteria for Outpacing Your Competition – Eraflip’ Product Selection Standards
  • Selecting the Most Effective Product Categories for Maximum Results and Identifying Ones to Steer Clear Of
  • First Product Selection Strategies – Avoiding Overcrowded Markets, Patent Issues, and Legal Complications
  • The Perfect Product Selection System – An In-depth Overview of the Entire Selection Process
  • Understanding the Significance of Eraflip’ Criteria and Their Impact on Your Success
  • Choosing the Right Tools to Expedite and Enhance Your Product Selection Endeavors
  • Validating Product Viability by Analyzing Competing Products – Ensuring Your Profitable Product Opportunities are Sustainable and Replicable
  • Accelerating the Product Selection Process – Tips and Techniques for Streamlining the Entire Procedure
  • Adapting Eraflip’s Criteria – Exploring Options When You Find a Product You’re Passionate About That Doesn’t Align with All Criteria
  • Exploring Alternative Search Methods – Employing Different Tools for Varied Approaches to Discovering Profitable Products
  • Patent Research – Conducting an Initial Patent Search to Identify Any Product Opportunities That Should Be Avoided

Module 3Assessing Suppliers and Sampling Products

  • Understanding Amazon’s Fees – Grasping the intricacies of the fees associated with selling on Amazon and determining their impact on your business’s profitability.
  • Product Tuning – Enhancing your product’s features and presentation to make it stand out and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Simple Product Sourcing – Learning the art of sourcing products from diverse locations around the world to expand your product range.
  • Creating a Professional Online Presence – Establishing a strong and professional online presence to project a credible image from the outset.
  • Finding and Contacting Suppliers with Proven Templates – Utilizing pre-written templates for effective communication with potential suppliers, ensuring clear and professional interactions.
  • Calculating the True Cost of a Product – Ensuring a comprehensive understanding of all costs associated with a chosen product to accurately assess its profitability.
  • Calculating Final Profit Numbers for Your Focused Opportunity List – Using the true cost calculation to determine the ultimate profit potential for each product in your chosen opportunity list.
  • Getting Samples for Your Top Opportunity – The process of ordering and obtaining product samples for your most promising product opportunity.

Module 4 Procuring Your Inventory and Establishing Your Brand

  • The Arrival of Your Samples – What to Inspect Upon Receiving Your Samples
  • Selecting the Best Supplier for Maximum Profit Margins – Criteria for Choosing Suppliers and Ensuring Competitive Prices
  • Preparing for Your Initial Inventory Order – Essential Items to Include in Your First Inventory Order
  • Elevating Your Game: Advanced Keyword Harvesting Techniques
  • Creating Your Distinctive Brand Name – The Significance of Your Brand Name and How to Choose It
  • Crafting a Memorable Brand Logo – Easy and Efficient Ways to Create a Striking Brand Logo
  • Procuring Your UPC – Understanding the Options for Obtaining a UPC, a Requirement for Amazon Listings
  • Quick Start Product Listing – Necessary Steps to Create a Preliminary Product Listing Before Shipment
  • Designing Your Product Packaging – Tips for Securing Appealing and Effective Product Packaging
  • Harnessing the Power of Package Inserts – Initiating Customer List Building from the Outset
  • Determining Inventory Quantity – How to Calculate the Right Inventory Quantity for Your First Order
  • Air vs. Sea Shipping – Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Air and Sea Shipping
  • The Insider’s Guide to Placing Your First Inventory Order
  • Post-Inventory Order Considerations – Important Steps to Take While Awaiting Inventory Arrival

Module 5 Establishing Your Brand Assets

  • Establishing a Strong Foundation for Success: These are the crucial steps to build your brand online effectively and boost sales.
  • Creating Your Domain-Based Email Account: Setting up a professional email account for your brand.
  • Building Your Brand’s Website: The quickest and easiest way to establish your brand’s online presence.
  • Crafting Your Brand’s Facebook Page: Creating a Facebook page to supercharge your product launch.
  • Leveraging Facebook Messenger for Subscriber List: Utilizing Facebook Messenger to cultivate a dedicated fan base for your brand.
  • Optimizing Manychat for Success: Ensuring that Manychat is configured to provide a professional brand experience.
  • Exploring Vital Manychat Features: Understanding the significance of key tools within the Manychat platform.
  • Constructing a Subscriber List for Launch: Building a list of subscribers as a strategic move to secure your brand’s future and maximize success during product launches.
  • Using Facebook Ads to Gain Subscribers: Introduction of your brand to your target audience through Facebook ads.
  • Automated Review Generation with ManyChat: Automating the process of getting more product reviews, which leads to higher conversion rates and increased sales.
  • Content Addition to Facebook and Instagram Pages: Continuously growing your social media audience and providing social proof.
  • Registering Your Brand Name on All Social Media Platforms: Preparing for scalability and long-term brand presence across different social media sites.

Module 6 Optimizing Your Product Page for Peak Performance

  • Crafting the Perfect Amazon Listing
  • Strategic Keyword Research for Amazon Rankings
  • Crafting an Effective Title
  • Creating Compelling Bullet Points
  • Crafting a Sales-Boosting Product Description
  • Optimizing Product Images
  • Pricing for Profit
  • Building a Complete Listing
  • Effective Customer Emails
  • Maximizing Downtime for Growth

Module 7 Achieving the Ideal Product Launch

  • Understanding the Objective of Your Product Launch
  • Planning for a Successful Launch: Key Preparation Steps
  • Tracking Crucial Data for Informed Decision-Making
  • Introduction to Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising
  • Structuring Your Ad Campaigns for Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Securing Initial Product Reviews
  • Creating and Using Promotional Coupon Codes
  • Distributing Coupon Codes to Your Subscriber List
  • Building Your Brand’s Launch Strategy in the US and UK
  • Optimizing Price for Improved Rank and Sales
  • Sustaining Your Rank Profitably
  • Managing Inventory Levels and Reordering for Continued Success

Module 8Embarking on FBA Wholesale: An Overview

  • Decoding Amazon: Terms and Abbreviations Demystified
  • Navigating Categories in FBA Wholesale: Making the Right Choice
  • The Landscape of Categories: Types and Considerations
  • Ungating Categories: Unlocking New Opportunities
  • Keeping a Watchful Eye: A Comprehensive Look at Keepa
  • Harnessing the Power of Helium 10
  • Efficiency with a Click: DS Quick View
  • Enhancing Your Arsenal: OS Addon
  • Crunching the Numbers: Wholesale Profit Calculation
  • Estimating Sales with JS Sales Estimator
  • Scout Smarter: A Deep Dive into Smart Scout and Scan Unlimited

Module 9 Navigating the World of Product Hunting and Sourcing for FBA Wholesale

  • Unpacking the Art of Sourcing from Brands
  • Mastering the Sourcing Game: Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Eraflip’ Product Hunting Criteria: A Comprehensive Review
  • Tools of the Trade: Leveraging Resources for Brand and Product Discovery
  • Strategic Selection: Key Considerations in Product Hunting
  • Before the First Contact: Pre-Requisites for Approaching Suppliers
  • Crafting Impactful Communication: Templates for Engaging Brands and Suppliers
  • Streamlining the Process: Scanning Sheets with Scan Unlimited
  • Requesting Product Catalogs with Precision: A Template Guide
  • Deep Dive into Product Analysis: The Devil Is in the Details
  • Scouting for Success: Utilizing Smart Scout for Brand Exploration


  • How To Present Yourself In Front Of Clients
  • How To Prepare A Professional Presentation
  • What Should Be The Body Language While Presenting
  • How Should Be The Tone Adjusted In Presentations
  • How To Remain Ethical Being As A Freelancer
  • What Are Top 10 Factors To Follow Ethics

Module 11 Excelling in Client Communication: Strategies for Efficiency

  • Shaping Your Freelancer Image: Effective Presentation on Freelancing Platforms
  • Bridging Borders: Active Participation in Local and International Forums/Groups
  • Sharpening Communication Skills


  • Introduction Of Fiverr
  • Account Registration
  • Creating Profile
  • Hunting Gigs
  • Creating Gigs
  • Understanding Content Writing & Re-Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Gig Ranking
  • Review Building
  • Order Management
  • Contacting Fiverr Support
  • Customer Service With Clients


Module Amazon Smart Budget Launch

  • Initiating the process of establishing an account.
  • Analyzing the demand within the market.
  • Examining the competition in the market.
  • Evaluating the potential for profitability.
  • Conducting research on relevant keywords.
  • Evaluating sourcing options and potential suppliers.
  • Examining legal aspects and requirements.
  • Performing calculations to determine potential profits.
  • Analyzing customer reviews and ratings.
  • Evaluating Amazon’s fee structure and policies.
  • Creating a strategy for launching and marketing the product.
  • Establishing principles for creating product listings.
  • The process of crafting product listings.