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ERAFLIP TECH is a group of accomplished, visionary and impressive individuals, who have come together with the passion to serve organizations and make them stand out. We are focusing on the growth of our customer. Our center is to deliver you the most incredible solution to your problem and entertain you worldwide. 


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Module 1 Embarking on the Ecommerce Journey: Setting the Right Mindset

  • Unpacking Ecommerce: Understanding the Basics
  • Diverse Forms of Ecommerce: Exploring the Types
  • Globally Recognized Ecommerce Marketplaces
  • Getting to Know Amazon: A Titan in Ecommerce
  • The Allure of Amazon: Why Opt for It Over Other Platforms
  • Delving into Amazon’s Latest Revenue Statistics by Country
  • Amazon Fulfilment Channels Demystified
  • An Overview of Amazon’s Selling Models
  • Maximizing Support from Eraflip in Your Amazon Journey
  • Defining the Role of a Freelancer in the Amazon Ecosystem
  • Catalog of Amazon Freelancing Services

Module 2 Initiating the Quest: Amazon Private Label Product Hunting

  • Navigating the Toolbox: An Introduction to Product Research Tools
  • The Art and Science of Product Research: Unveiling the Basics
  • Elements Essential to Effective Product Research
  • Elevating Your Game: Advanced Strategies for Product Research
  • Tapping into the Visual: Product Research through YouTube Videos
  • Blueprinting Success: Uncovering Product Ideas with Blackbox Competitors Blueprint
  • A Niche for You: Mapping Out Strategies with Blackbox Niche Blueprint
  • Supplier Insights: Harnessing Advanced Directories for Product Inspiration
  • Quality Assurance: Validating Amazon Private Label Products
  • Refined Standards: Eraflip’ Advanced Product Hunting Criteria
  • Beyond the Aisles: Exploring Different Product Categories
  • The Path to Access: How to Ungate Categories on Amazon
  • Navigating Hazards: Products to Steer Clear of in Private Label
  • Decoding Intellectual Property: Understanding the World of Patents and Their Types

Module 3Sourcing and Logistics in the Realm of Private Label

  • The Flow of Product Sourcing: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Criteria for Selecting Reliable Suppliers
  • Unearthing Authentic Supplier Directories
  • Crunching the Numbers: Calculating Profit Margins
  • Navigating Amazon’s Fee Structure: An Overview
  • Sampling the Goods: A Journey into Ordering Samples and Consolidation
  • A Critical Eye: Understanding Inventory Inspection
  • Dive Deep: A Comprehensive Analysis of Inspection Reports

Module 4 Crafting Product Listings: Guiding Principles

  • Mastering the Art of Keyword Research
  • Analyzing Competitors for a Competitive Edge
  • Essentials Before You List a Product
  • Elevating Your Game: Advanced Keyword Harvesting Techniques
  • Abiding by Amazon’s Listing Standards

Module 5 Crafting Your Product Listings

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Listing Creation on Seller Central
  • Managing User Permissions for Collaborative Success
  • The ABCs of Adding a Product to Your Inventory
  • Streamlining the Process: Adding Products via Templates
  • Printing Item and Carton Labels for Efficient Inventory Management
  • Navigating Shipments: Creating Plans for Partner and Non-Partner Carriers

Module 6 Unpacking PPC: A Primer on Product Launch Strategies

  • The Mechanics of PPC: Understanding How It Works
  • Categories of PPC Ads: Classifying Your Advertising Efforts
  • Aiming for Success: Exploring Ad Targeting Types
  • Keywords Unveiled: A Dive into Keyword Match Types
  • PPC Jargon Demystified: Important Terms to Keep in Mind
  • Blitzing the Rankings: Eraflip’ Advanced Product Ranking Strategies
  • Promotions and More: Coupons, Deals, and Vouchers in PPC
  • PPC Reports and Crucial Tabs for Informed Decision-Making
  • Financial Insights: Crafting and Submitting Financial Reports
  • Balancing the Books: Profits and Losses in Your Amazon Business
  • Managing Cash Flow: Constructing Cash Flow Statements for Amazon Business
  • Daily Duties: A Guide to Submitting Reports to Clients

Module 7 Fine-Tuning PPC: The Art of Optimization

  • Evaluating Campaign Performance with Amazon Advertising Reports
  • Harnessing Keyword Performance Analysis for Bid Optimization and Negative Keywords
  • Delving into Search Term Reports: Identifying Relevant and Converting Terms
  • Mastering the Art of Placement Reports: Adjusting Bids and Eliminating Underperformers
  • Budget Allocation Based on Performance: A Strategic Approach
  • Gleaning Insights: Refining Campaigns, Keywords, and Ads
  • Crafting Comprehensive Audit Reports for Campaign and Keyword-Level Optimization
  • Navigating Smart Private Label Criteria
  • Building Your Brand’s Launch Strategy in the US and UK
  • Rapid Launch: Accelerating Your Product Entry
  • Time-Tested Strategies with Calendar Launch Initiatives

Module 8Embarking on FBA Wholesale: An Overview

  • Decoding Amazon: Terms and Abbreviations Demystified
  • Navigating Categories in FBA Wholesale: Making the Right Choice
  • The Landscape of Categories: Types and Considerations
  • Ungating Categories: Unlocking New Opportunities
  • Keeping a Watchful Eye: A Comprehensive Look at Keepa
  • Harnessing the Power of Helium 10
  • Efficiency with a Click: DS Quick View
  • Enhancing Your Arsenal: OS Addon
  • Crunching the Numbers: Wholesale Profit Calculation
  • Estimating Sales with JS Sales Estimator
  • Scout Smarter: A Deep Dive into Smart Scout and Scan Unlimited

Module 9 Navigating the World of Product Hunting and Sourcing for FBA Wholesale

  • Unpacking the Art of Sourcing from Brands
  • Mastering the Sourcing Game: Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Eraflip’ Product Hunting Criteria: A Comprehensive Review
  • Tools of the Trade: Leveraging Resources for Brand and Product Discovery
  • Strategic Selection: Key Considerations in Product Hunting
  • Before the First Contact: Pre-Requisites for Approaching Suppliers
  • Crafting Impactful Communication: Templates for Engaging Brands and Suppliers
  • Streamlining the Process: Scanning Sheets with Scan Unlimited
  • Requesting Product Catalogs with Precision: A Template Guide
  • Deep Dive into Product Analysis: The Devil Is in the Details
  • Scouting for Success: Utilizing Smart Scout for Brand Exploration


  • How To Present Yourself In Front Of Clients
  • How To Prepare A Professional Presentation
  • What Should Be The Body Language While Presenting
  • How Should Be The Tone Adjusted In Presentations
  • How To Remain Ethical Being As A Freelancer
  • What Are Top 10 Factors To Follow Ethics

Module 11 Excelling in Client Communication: Strategies for Efficiency

  • Shaping Your Freelancer Image: Effective Presentation on Freelancing Platforms
  • Bridging Borders: Active Participation in Local and International Forums/Groups
  • Sharpening Communication Skills


  • Introduction Of Fiverr
  • Account Registration
  • Creating Profile
  • Hunting Gigs
  • Creating Gigs
  • Understanding Content Writing & Re-Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Gig Ranking
  • Review Building
  • Order Management
  • Contacting Fiverr Support
  • Customer Service With Clients


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