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ERAFLIP TECH is a group of accomplished, visionary and impressive individuals, who have come together with the passion to serve organizations and make them stand out. We are focusing on the growth of our customer. Our center is to deliver you the most incredible solution to your problem and entertain you worldwide. 


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Module 1 Getting Started with Amazon: An Introduction

  • Establishing the Right Mindset for Success on Amazon
  • Efficiently Harnessing Eraflip’ Support Resources
  • Understanding the Role of a Freelancer
  • An Overview of Amazon Marketplaces
  • Exploring the Various Amazon Selling Models
  • Navigating Amazon Fulfillment Channels
  • A Compilation of Amazon Freelancing Services

Module 2 In-Depth Exploration of Amazon FBA Wholesale

  • Deciphering Amazon Terms and Abbreviations
  • Selecting the Right Category for FBA Wholesale
  • Exploring Different Category Types
  • Unlocking Gated Categories
  • Getting Started with Product Hunting Tools

Module 3 Product Hunting for Amazon FBA Wholesale

  • Insight into Sourcing from Brands
  • Comprehending Sourcing from Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Reviewing Eraflip’ Product Hunting Criteria
  • Leveraging Tools for Brand and Product Discovery
  • Essential Considerations for Product Selection

Module 4 Mastering Advanced Product Hunting Strategies for Amazon FBA Wholesale

  • Exploring Reverse Sourcing Techniques
  • Unveiling Seller Espionage Methods
  • Analyzing Amazon’s Top Sellers
  • Reviewing the Strategies of Top Sellers
  • Manual Hunting Strategies for Amazon FBA Wholesale
  • Conducting Brand Searches on Top Sellers
  • Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Product Hunting
  • Accessing an Enhanced List of Directories for the USA and UK

Module 5 Mastering Amazon Private Label Sourcing and Hunting

  • In-Depth Exploration of Product Research Techniques
  • Advanced Methods for Generating Innovative Product Ideas
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Idea Generation
  • Validating Product Ideas through Specialized Tools
  • Harnessing Helium 10 and Jungle Scout for Insights
  • Delving into Eraflip’ Advanced Product Hunting Criteria
  • Identifying Products to Avoid in Private Label Ventures
  • Understanding Patents and Their Different Types
  • Unraveling the Product Sourcing Process Flow
  • Criteria for Selecting Reliable Suppliers
  • Navigating Authentic Supplier Directories
  • Calculating Profit Margins for Informed Decision-Making
  • A Comprehensive Overview of Amazon Fees
  • The Process of Ordering Samples and Consolidation
  • Ensuring Quality through Inventory Inspection

Module 6 Crafting Effective Product Listings for Private Label Items

  • Mastering Keyword Research Techniques for Enhanced Listings
  • Analyzing Competitors to Gain a Competitive Edge
  • Essential Prerequisites for Creating Product Listings
  • Advanced Strategies for Keyword Harvesting in Listings
  • Advanced Strategies for Keyword Harvesting in Listings
  • Adhering to Amazon’s Listing Standards
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Listing Creation on Seller Central
  • Initiating a Case with Amazon for Issue Resolution
  • Managing User Permissions for Collaborative Selling
  • Adding Products to Your Amazon Inventory
  • Streamlining Product Addition via Templates
  • Printing Item and Carton Labels for Shipment
  • Creating Shipment Plans for Partner and Non-Partner Carriers

Module 7 Initiating a Product Launch for Private Label Items

  • Demystifying the Mechanics of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising
  • Formulating Effective PPC Campaigns
  • Exploring Different Campaign Types
  • Understanding Keyword Match Types in PPC
  • Leveraging Eraflip’ Blitz Rank Strategy
  • Leveraging Coupons, Promotions, Deals, and Vouchers for Sales Boost
  • Optimizing Your PPC Campaigns for Enhanced Performance
  • Planning and Budgeting for a Successful Product Launch through PPC

Module 8Nurturing Presentation Skills and Ethical Conduct

  • Effective Self-Presentation in Client Interactions
  • Crafting Polished Professional Presentations
  • Mastering Body Language for Effective Presentation Delivery
  • Adapting the Appropriate Tone in Presentations
  • Upholding Ethical Standards in the Freelancing Sphere
  • Top 10 Factors to Uphold Ethical Practices

Module 9 Excelling in Communication Skills

  • Efficient Client Communication Strategies
  • Crafting an Impressive Freelancing Platform Profile
  • Active Participation in Local and International Forums and Groups
  • Engaging Effectively in Local and Global Online Communities

Module 10 Fiverr Freelancer Account Setup and Management

  • Getting Acquainted with Fiverr
  • Registering Your Account
  • Crafting a Winning Profile
  • Navigating the Gig Marketplace
  • Crafting and Optimizing Gigs
  • Mastering the Art of Content Writing and Re-Writing
  • Exploring the World of Keyword Research
  • Strategies for Enhancing Gig Ranking
  • Building a Stellar Reputation through Reviews
  • Efficient Order Handling
  • Reaching Out to Fiverr Support
  • Delivering Exceptional Customer Service to Clients

Module 11 Exploring Upwork: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Account Creation on Upwork
  • Setting Up a Payoneer Account
  • Crafting a Professional Upwork Profile
  • Grasping the Concept of Milestones
  • Navigating Project Listings on Upwork
  • Submitting Compelling Bids and Proposals
  • Upholding Ethical Communication Standards
  • Understanding Payment Withdrawal Methods
  • Managing and Resolving Disputes
  • Initiating Contact with Upwork Support