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Module 1 Introduction to TikTok Shop: Exploring New Horizons

  • Unveiling the Features and Advantages of TikTok Shop for Businesses
  • Recognizing the Marketing Potential of TikTok Shop
  • Emphasizing the Timeliness of Initiating a TikTok Shop
  • Budget Considerations for TikTok Shop
  • Delving into Business Models for TikTok Shop
  • Exploring Selling Opportunities from Pakistan
  • Assessing the Scope of Services within TikTok Shop

Module 2 Establishing Your TikTok Shop Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Current Availability of TikTok Shop in Different Countries
  • Prerequisites for Setting Up a TikTok Shop in the UK
  • Essential Requirements for a US-Based TikTok Shop
  • Connecting and Verifying Your TikTok Shop Account
  • The Role and Necessity of Third-Party Logistics (3PL) in TikTok Shop

Module 3 Navigating the TikTok Shop Dashboard: An In-Depth Tour

  • Unpacking the Diverse Sections and Features within TikTok Shop
  • Effective Product Hunting Techniques for TikTok Shop
  • Selecting the Ideal Products for Your TikTok Shop
  • The Significance of Product Testing in TikTok Shop
  • Methods and Strategies for Sourcing Products in TikTok Shop

Module 4 Mastering Product Listing and Optimization in TikTok Shop

  • Essential Listing Hacks to Elevate Your Shop
  • Fine-Tuning Product Titles, Descriptions, and Tags for Enhanced Visibility
  • Showcasing High-Quality Product Images and Videos
  • Implementing Effective Pricing Strategies Prior to Listing Your Products

Module 5 Harnessing Promotional Tools and Leveraging Affiliate Marketing in TikTok Shop

  • Exploring Different Types of Promotional Tools
  • Integrating Promotional Tools into Your Product Listings
  • Crafting Affiliate Marketing Strategies for TikTok Shop
  • Identifying and Collaborating with Creators on TikTok Shop
  • Initiating Contact with Affiliate Marketers
  • Utilizing Professional Message Templates for Creator Outreach
  • Sending Product Samples to Collaborating Creators

Module 6 Streamlining Shipping and Order Fulfillment in TikTok Shop

  • Differentiating Between Shipping from the Platform and Shipping from the Seller
  • Utilizing Shipping Templates for Efficient Order Processing
  • Navigating the Order Lifecycle from Awaiting Packing to Completed

Module 7 Initiating Your TikTok Ads Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

  • Tailoring Campaign Settings to Your Objectives
  • Configuring Your Debut TikTok Ad
  • Budgeting and Optimization Strategies
  • The Art of Scaling Your TikTok Advertising Efforts

Module 8Managing Payouts: Adding Payment Methods in TikTok Shop

  • Receiving Payments Through Various Channels
  • Seeking Answers and Guidance During Ongoing Launches
  • Exploring Earning Opportunities Through Different Channels in TikTok Shop

Module 9 Exploring Third-Party Marketplaces and Daraz

  • Grasping the Notion of Third-Party Marketplaces
  • Uncovering the Features and Advantages of Selling on Daraz
  • Recognizing the Potential of Third-Party Marketplaces for Business Expansion

Module 10 Efficient Product Management and Scaling for Your Daraz Store

  • Navigating the Process of Managing Products on Daraz
  • Mastering the Art of Optimizing Product Listings for Enhanced Visibility and Sales
  • Recognizing Strategies for Scaling and Expanding Your Daraz Store


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