What are the different types of graphic designing?

Before going to the types of graphic design let’s have a look on what is a graphic designer?

The Graphic Designing is a profession and academic discipline. They create visuals content using applications and by hands to create sketches of a relevant product and to communicate ideas that inspire. They communicate ideas through typography, visuals, colors and images. They are the best creator of your brand. There are several types with their own specification. Each type of graphic designs has their specific set of skill and specification. As you know the industry is growing so fast so graphic designers have adopted all their specifications throughout their career.

Here are the different types of graphic designing:

Web Design

In our modern world. Web design has become the most reliable and valuable skill in the creative professional career. The graphic design blends traditional and technology essence for the digital media. Through the web design you can regulate your business smoothly. A well designed website with visuals gives an impact on the customer for a long time. It is the time to understand the importance of web design for your business.

Packaging Design

It is very important for your brand representation. Product packaging is everywhere. From the food to eat, cloth to wear and the device to use. It is a complex assembly process that requires great skills. Packaging itself has some worth. It tells every single thing for your brand management and its identity.

Publication and Typography design

In this field the graphic designer works on development, organization and management of visual media. This includes books, magazines, brochures and many more. By developing the skills in printing and editorial layout. All types of newspaper and publication material are used in it.

Marketing and Advertising design

Among the most common graphic design, marketing and advertising design is one of the vast fields. It is based on the visual elements for the brand. Interestingly, most brands rely on visual marketing whether it is about the internal brand identity or interacting with the customer.


It is the foundation of the most artistic practice. You will create the visual identities, cover art and many more to give the brand awareness in the world. While making illustrations you need to use the colors and its composition. The element interacts with each other to imply motion.

Motion graphics and Animation

You will focus on the animated visual media. This includes everything from the topography to imagery and in the between them. Creating moving images is a unique feature. Motion designer put their skill on its techniques.

Graphics designers are the one who can have an ability to put a soul on the product and business. A Brand is a relationship between the organization and its customer. A brand identity is how the organizations communicate its personality, tone and essence. ERAFLIP TECH is a digital marketing agency that provides you the services of graphic designing whether it is about marketing, advertising, packaging, illustration and many others.