What is the difference between PPC and SEO?

The traffic coming from organic SEO is free while the traffic generated from PPC is paid. That’s is the reason why you see or heard the term of paid search listing and organic search listing They both are the part of search engine marketing and you can use above all in your internet marketing campaign.

The ads will appear based on the keywords. The keywords that you are targeting and the keyword that comes in your ads copy and the keywords that are used in your landing page.

Organic results only appear in the middle of the page whether your listing will appear in the top page or first page depending upon how you optimized your website inside and outside. There are some points that are as follows.

      SEO:   You can get a first page if you will optimize your website with search engine

      PPC:   You will get the ads on your first page by paying the highest cost.



As I have mentioned that ppc is paid while seo is free. You should understand how much effort is used to optimize the website but the effort you are using in it is worthwhile. It need a lot of effort to get traffic on search engine.

The competition is very high nowadays. If you are not familiar with seo techniques then you need to hire the SEO expert person for your work to generate organic traffic.


Visibility in search engines for your targeted keywords puts your business in front of your audience to get awareness of your website or business.


Visibility increases in the search engine of your business.it can have positive branding among the audience you want to use for your business. You have become more authoritative to raise your voice around a given topic.


Having your site return in the organic result can influence the credibility of your audience looking for your services. Many users skip ads and use organic results more highly.

Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic will increase the visibility of your brand. make awareness to your business and educate the audience why they buy the product from you?


Position on the Page

Paid search dominates above the fold content. With typically four ads on the desktop, 3 ads on the mobile phone the user will see the paid search ads even if they chose to scroll past them.

Visual Product Ads

When you are selling your product, Google will provide you the option for a visual product ad that can help the user to see that we are selling and what they will be clicking on.

Brand Visibility

Running paid search engine advertisements will get the viability of your brand to your right person. Even if they back off. The visibility will pay by dividend your marketing strategy.


To generate organic traffic towards your website will take time while ppc will be high to get awareness of your brand within a few days. Is it the simplest way to get more traffic towards your website and make your people aware of what you are selling and what you are about?


PPC is only that you need to pay to click for your ads, not for the views. It only depends on the keywords that you are using SEO services focusing on the creating organic traffic towards your website while PPC Advertising is all about displaying your ads in search engine results.

They both are equally good and have their own functions and credibility. SEO is cost effective as compared to the PPC and if you optimize your SEO can keep a high position in search in the search engine after a long while the PPC campaign will turn off after some days. SEO is relatively stable while PPC is continuously changing. It is all depends on you if you have a budget and you want to see the immediate results then use a PPC campaign and if you have a long timeline and you don’t need immediate results then SEO strategies are good for you. You need to understand the nature of your business. ERAFLIP TECH is a digital marketing agency which gives you the ultimate solution for your business and website and they give you the services of SEO and PPC for your business visibility.

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